Buoyancy Aid Hire

We have a large stock of buoyancy aids available to hire, available UK wide
Buoyancy aids for hire

In need of buoyancy aids for your event participants and don’t want the hassle or expense of having to purchase them outright?

Not everyone entering an obstacle race is the strongest of swimmers; in fact, for many it’s the element they fear most.

The use of buoyancy aids by participants is becoming more and more common, either as a risk management tool for organisers, where water bodies are known to be deep or obstacles are designed to submerge participants, or where they are provided as an optional support aid to less confident participants.

We provide a buoyancy aids hire services which is used by a number of OCR events, where they are both compulsory and optional for participants to wear. We have a large stock of robust buoyancy aids which are able to take the strain of a muddy OCR event but also meaning we can supply enough for them to be spread across a range of locations/obstalces in a range of suitable sizes.

They are regularly checked for signs of wear & tear and defects and regularly tested to ensure their buoyancy is still functioning correctly (they loose their buoyancy over time and when poorly treated).

Buoyancy Aids hire is something we offer as both a stand-alone service or where it is part of our water safety provision.