Dive Surveys & Water Searches

Swimming around in cold murky water is something our team love doing!

Establishing whether a water body, particularly natural lakes, streams, rivers and ponds are both safe and suitable for use as part of your obstacle course can often be a difficult to clarify. Whether you’re trying to establish the suitability of the bed for the purposes of building an obstacle into the water, or just a check prior to race day there are no nasty hazards lurking under the water’s surface we’re able to help.

Our dive teams, located throughout the UK, are experienced in going sub-surface to provide you with the information you require for any given water body. We can provide reports following pre-event recce visit whereby a underwater survey can be carried out to support your event planning and help define the suitability of using any particular water body.

We are also very used to ‘sweeping’ water obstacles prior to them being used by participants to ensure no debris or underwater hazards are present prior to you allowing participants to use them.