Festival Lifeguards

We provide lifeguards and water safety teams to festivals & music events throughout the summer

We’ve provided lifeguards to festivals for many years, and have over that time, seen the increase in demand from organisers to be able to offer more from what they already have – and often that means opening on-site water bodies for wild swimming, family dips and water activities. Something that punters tend to LOVE!

Although a bit different to sporting events, we take the same professional, diligent, and comprehensive approach to festival lifeguarding as we do for any other events.


Our Festival Lifeguard Services

We offer a comprehensive and bespoke water safety package to all our clients. Typically, these include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Pre-event consultations;
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements / operational plans
  • Staff recruitment
  • On-site 24 hour management & water safety cover

We’ve helped organisers deliver recreational swimming, stand-up paddle boarding and on water activities, amongst other things. Our experienced team of event managers will be able to guide you and are happy to help make the most of the facilities you have to offer.

Festival Lifeguard
Lifeguarding at lake side

We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach so why not get in touch to see how we can assist with your event or function

Lifeguarding at Festivals

Lifeguarding at Festivals comes in all shapes and sizes. From a low-key watchful eye over a scenic bathing spot, to full open water lido management of big lake swimming areas. Patrol and response of ‘no access’ water bodies and zones is also common as well as water safety cover along high footfall ingress and egress routes.

The resources and assets required vary too, and we often deploy a range of assets and personnel, including:

  • Bank based patrols
  • Rescue boat based teams
  • Stand up Paddleboard and/or rescue board patrol/response
  • Overnight response

If you’re a lifeguard looking to join us as a Lifeguard at a Festival, then please take a look at our work for us page here.

Wild Swimming Festival Lifeguards

In recent years, wild swimming has become as popular at festivals as it has in wider society.

When a site already has a clean, usable water body on-site, opening it up for wild swimming, either on a casual basis or in a more controlled way is often something festival organisers are really keen to explore.

Lifeguarding wild swimming at festivals, as with all activities is the end product of the initial scoping, planning, risk assessment phases, similar to any new activity. Swim Safety are highly experienced at working with organisers both who wish to

Considerations for organisers to consider when looking at adding wild swimming to their festival offering include:

  • Water quality
  • Bathing zone(s) and areas
  • Capacity
  • Hours of operation
  • Water body features – depth, hazards, wildlife
  • Access and egress