Obstacle Races

We provide lifeguards, water safety technicians and rescue divers to OCRs throughout the UK

Recent years have seen an explosion in off-road obstacle and mud run events (otherwise known as obstacle course races (OCR)) in the UK and we already look after the water safety for many of them.

We have a huge amount of experience in providing water safety teams to OCR events that have a ‘water element’. Whether that’s crossing through a natural water body or swinging from a platform into a man-made water pit; we can cover it. Our teams operate UK-wide ensuring the same professional service is provided regardless of where the event is based in the country. Our lifeguards, rescue divers and water safety technicians are trained, equipped and experienced to deal with the challenges that OCRs can throw at them.

As organisers are looking to make obstacles more extreme and challenging for participants, we work closely with them to ensure obstacles are being designed and built to a specification that is safe and in-line with industry standards from the outset. We apply the same philosophy to OCR events as we do to triathlon & open water swimming events; that is that we provide organsiers with peace of mind that with Swim Safety the water safety requirements are in-hand, allowing them to focus on other areas of the event delivery.

Some of our OCR clients

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We started working with Swim Safety back in 2014 on a new event in London and have since appointed them as the water safety provider for all our events throughout the UK.

What they bring to the table is a level of professionalism and expertise that we can rely on. The other benefit to us, as they work UK wide, is that we can continue to build on our relationship and improve our working practices and procedures from one event to the next, regardless of where it is.

That continuity is invaluable to us and means we don’t have a different local provider to liaise with for each venue we go to.

Jim Mee

Managing Director, Rat Race Events

We first teamed up with Swim Safety in early 2013. They have since provided a full and comprehensive water safety service for each of our UK events. We look forward to working with them in 2016.

From risk management planning through to event safety implementation, their team offer the highest level of support.

On behalf of our runners, I would particularly like to thank the lifeguards for their endless encouragement. It makes all the difference.

Will Moreton

Course Director, The Wolf Run

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