2019 Photo Competition


New for 2019 – for the Summer season we will be running a monthly photo competition on social media for you all to take part in.

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This year, alongside our ever faithful weekly team photo uploads on Facebook, we want to see more Swim Safety content across our social media platforms. And where better to get a true view of what its like working for us than our wonderful team.

We want to see Swim Safety from your point of view, this could be anything from operational shots to scenic views, through to any non-event social activities that you take part in. Get creative – we want to see a different side to the events we work, but be responsible (and don’t go taking photos when you shouldn’t be!), think outside the box with your entries.

All you need to do to enter this competition is post a picture on your social media and include the hashtag #myswimsafety – you can enter as many times as you want each month, and each post counts as an entry. There are a few things to bear in mind, but see ‘How do I get involved?‘ below for more details.

The competition is already underway with our first winner to be announced at the end of June. On the last day of each month we will review all the entries across our social media platforms from that month, we will then select a winner based on who we thought best portrayed Swim Safety in a unique and different way. We will be selecting a winner for June, July, August & September – with an overall 2019 season winner selected in October. There will be prizes up for grabs along the way, so its certainly worth the occasional tweet or Instagram post.

How do I get involved?

Firstly you need a social media account – either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Make sure this account isn’t set to private if you want to enter the competition, otherwise we won’t be able to see anything that you post.

Take a picture at an event, or something you’re doing recreational that shows Swim Safety from your point of view.

Share this on your social media using the hashtag #myswimsafety – please note the hashtag must be included to be counted as a competition entry.

You can post as many photos as you want each month, each one counts as a separate entry.

We will review these each month, announcing the lucky prize winner via our social media. 

Still got some questions? That’s OK! Grab one of the Core Team at your next event and they will happily talk you through anything.


Septembers’s Prize:

Up for grabs this month … 

A Voucher for Dinner and a Movie!

Take a look below at some of the entries so far this month …