Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who completed our end of season survey, 2023 saw the highest response rate ever! We’d also just like to take this opportunity to thank all those who continue to support our events and all the new staff who joined our team’s last season.

We’ve reviewed the content from the survey and compiled an overview of some key themes below as well as including some new bits of information for the upcoming season.

Staff portal
We’ve been developing the staff portal over the last few years. The aim being to create a one stop shop for everything you need to know about working for us and how we operate. Based on your feedback we can see that the majority of you are now aware of the platform, though you might not have used it yet (or recently).

We’d like to keep the content on the staff portal fresh and relevant, so additional to the FAQ style articles / posts, we will be including training content and videos. Whilst the aim is not to replace the need for conventional / practical training, the hope is that they will act as a refresher tool and highlight best practice.

We’re also aware we need to do more to highlight key info on the staff portal to staff that join us part way through the season – so we’re looking at ways of doing that on an on-going basis.

Training Days
It’s great to see that our pre-season training days continue to be well received. We always aim to keep them up to date and relevant to what we do.

For 2024 we are going to mix up how we deliver these a little. We will be moving away from our traditional “pre-season training day” format and instead rolling out a larger number of individual training sessions. This is partly due to staff capacity, given the fact that the season starts earlier this year for us, but we also hope that by delivering an increased number of smaller sessions, we’ll be able to get more of you through the courses and inductions you need for the summer, and hopefully reducing some travel.

In addition, we do plan to run stand-alone sessions for new Kayak Team Leaders, likely online, and we’re hoping to deliver a number of the (new) British Canoeing Swimmers Safety & Rescue courses, which will be replacing SESA.

We are just finalising our pre-season training dates – so hope to be able to publish these in the coming weeks.

Water rescue
Lifesaving Drill
Water Evacuation Drill
What we’ll keep doing…..
You told us you saw an improvement (generally) in staff welfare in 2023 – so we’ll be sure to continue to focus on that, and where, inevitably, for some events it still has some room for improvement, we’ll strive to raise that bar. We know how important it is.

It was nice to hear from the survey responses that new staff members that joined us in 2023 felt welcomed, supported and enjoyed their experience working with Swim Safety – so thank-you to you all for being such a friendly and welcoming bunch.

New for 2024
2024 is set to be an interesting, but also different year. Within the industry, triathlon in particular, there are real challenges for organisers around participation numbers, which has resulted in several events deciding to take a year out in 2024 to see how things pan out.

However, as one door closes, another opens – we’ve got a number of new events in the diary (and some still TBC) particularly new and exciting open water swims, festivals and other water based events, which is really exciting.

Oh – and that small thing of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games – sadly, although a small number of our core team will be in Paris for the Games, we’ve not managed to swing it to get a whole team over there (thanks to everyone that has offered though!).

Behind the scenes
We’re also doing some not so exiting behind the scenes stuff, to help make processes smoother and more efficient (both for us, and you). Plus you’ll notice a few changes on the registration system to hopefully improve your user experience.


Event Registration – 13th February
We’re hoping to get event registration for 2024 live on Tuesday 13th February – so keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for details of when the system is live!