What’s new for 2024!

Staff News & Announcements

As we get ready for the start of our 2024 summer season, we thought we’d give you a quick update of what’s new for the season ahead!

We’ve also made quite a few (hopefully useful) changes to the registration system, to try and provide the best possible user experience. Details of which can be found below.

This year we’ve brought forward the opening of our event registrations for the seasons (from March to Feb), primarily because we have more events taking place in April than usual, and so it’s meant everything has shifted forward a little.

  • Tough Mudder have launched two new events (South East & Birmingham) as well as moving the overnight ETM to Yorkshire in July.
  • London Tri (Challenge London) is in for another change this year. It’s been acquired by the PTO (Professional Triathlete Association) and will see world class elite racing back, with live broadcasting, as well as the usual mass participation race. This has happened very recently, so details are still being fleshed out.
  • Level Water – Following the success of the 24hr Swim Challenges, the team at Level Water have launched a further two 24hr Challenges into the season – at TriFarm (Essex) and Watersedge (Worcester).
    They’ve also re-launched an event that used to be hosted by the Outdoor Swimming Society, the Hurley Burley Swim (Bantham, Wales) which is set to take place in September, which will be really exciting.
  • Swansea – World Paratriathlon & IRONMAN Swansea this year are splitting into two separate events, rather than taking place on the same weekend.
  • Castle Tri have moved their Castle Howard event in Yorkshire to Belvoir Castle in July.
  • Unfortunately, due to decreasing participant numbers within triathlon – a number of organisers (Human Race, Outlaw, British Triathlon) have reduced their schedules this year, so you’ll notice there are a few events missing from the 2024 calendar, which is a shame.

As it’s only February, we are still in discussions with a number of organisers about supporting their events over the summer – these are not quite confirmed yet, so we’re not in a position to announce them, or include them in the diary – but we’ve got a number of additional exciting events we’re hoping to add to the diary in the coming weeks. We’ll let you know once we do.

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Online Registration System

Over the winter months, we’ve continued to develop the online registration system based on your feedback, and to try and provide the best user experience we can.

Here’s a small round up of some of the changes you’ll notice:

  • Calendar – We’re adding a calendar to your home screen showing you the event you’ve registered for in a month-view calendar. This will hopefully help you visualise what you’ve booked onto, and when.
  • iCal Calendar files – Linked to the above, for each registration confirmation email, we’ll now send an iCal attachment file (containing the event details) which can then easily be imported to your own personal calendar (Gmail, Outlook etc) seamlessly – again, just helping you keep track of what you’re registered for. If these aren’t helpful to you then they can just be turned off from within your Preferences on the system.
  • Meet the Core Team – We’ve added a page introducing our Core Staff team – and added links across the system to access it. The idea being if you’re working with a new event manager, and not quite sure who it is, you’ll be able to find out.
  • Event Swapping – We’ve removed the ‘Team Swap’ option on event registrations, and instead, added an ‘Event Swapping’ setting. We know many people sign up to an event, but subject to logistics, are happy to be asked to move to another event on the same weekend. To save people either registering for multiple events with a view of letting us know they’re happy to do any of them, instead, we’ll ask people to register for their preferred event, and turn on their Event Swapping setting. Then, if we are looking for people to juggle around between events, we’ll start with those people first. You can turn this setting on within your Preferences in the system.
  • Staff Store / Trade Accounts – We’ve consolidated the info relating to the items available for purchase on the Staff Store and details of the Trade Account Purchases that are available to the team. We’ve moved away from the online store for Staff Store orders, and instead items can just be ordered via the Staff Store webpage order form. This can be found within the system under the ‘Kit Store’ tab.
  • New Team Members – We’re beefing up the amount of info shared with new team members prior to their first event. Last summer, we saw lots of people join mid-season, and told us they weren’t aware of things like the Staff Portal, Kit Store or Trade Accounts – so we plan to do some more work to try and automate that so we’re sharing details of these things with people as they join, throughout the season.
  • Minor aesthetic changes – There’s also been a number of fairly minor aesthetic changes across the site, plus further improvements for usability on mobile devices (we know lots of you access the system on your phones) so hopefully they make for a better user experience.

Let us know – If you spot something that doesn’t quite look right on your device – do let us know (taking a screenshot is really useful) – Despite extensive testing, getting things to display the same across all devices can sometimes be a challenge, so if you do notice something we’d welcome a head’s up about it.

Event registration is now live – head over to the Registration System to register and join us for the 2024 season.