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Can I use a SUP / Paddleboard?

In principle, we’ve no objection to people using Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) or Paddleboards at our events and have had people doing so for many years. 

However, we do still require the same levels of competency from those using SUPs or Paddleboards as we do from those in kayaks – in terms of paddling competency, boat/board control, and personal safety. Details of qualifications we accept can be found here.

Additionally if planning on using a SUP, we ask that you are conscious of the following:

  • Their limitations (and your ability) in unfavourable weather – particularly windy conditions. Do you have a kayak as a back-up? If so, consider bringing this too, on days where it looks breezy.
  • The type and duration of event you are registering for. Sheltered water / lake-based events would be more suitable than coastal or long-distance swim events given the amount of paddling involved and time on the board/water.

You’d be part of the safety kayak team, so when registering online, please select this option.

If you have any specific questions about the suitability of using a SUP at a particular event, please check this with the specific event manager, (their details can be found within the registration system if registered, or email