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First Event – What to expect

We hope you’re looking forward to your first event with us at Swim Safety!

Here’s a bit of information and guidance on what to expect, and some helpful information to ensure you come fully prepared.

Final Details

If not already, you’ll soon receive the ‘Final Details’ for the event directly from the event manager. This should cover all the key info – timings, location(s), logistics, food etc. If upon reading them, you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Team Guides

We have team specific guides, which will provide you with specific info for each team. You may want to look at the most relevant one for yourself, from the list below:

Operating Procedures

You’ll get a full operational briefing by your team leader before the event starts, but we also have some info you may wish to take a look at, in advance here.

Company Standards & Expectations

We value our entire team, and the hard work you put in – but given the role we do, there are certain standards and expectations we have that need to be maintained. Please take a look at our Company Standards & Expectations which outlines what these are.


Post event we’ll want to pay you as quickly as possible. Details of how this works, can be found here.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions at all (no matter how silly it may seem), please do feel free to ask – Your first port of call should be the event manager for the event you’ve signed up to, as they’ll be most familiar with the details. Their contact details will be on the final details that have been sent to you.