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Payment Process

In order to receive payment you must ensure you’re bank details are added onto the system, under the Payment Details section.

This is the account that any monies due to you will be paid into, normally on the 3rd Monday post event.

Once your bank details are on the registration system, complete a payment form and submit this to the event manager either on the day of the event or post event via email. A template form will be provided within the event final details for you to download and complete or, you can use/create your own invoice – Physical invoices will not be accepted in line with our sustainability promises. We are currently developing an upload function to make it even easier to submit your invoices in the future.

We pay all staff via BACS, using the details provided on the registration system. Once the event manager has received your completed payment form they will process it on the system which means, you will be included for payment on the next payment run. Your current payment status, along with the anticipated payment date, (once the payment has been added to the BACS run) is visible in the My Events section, under the Past Events tab.

Unfortunately, we cannot process your payment without a valid payment form being submitted. Simply entering your bank details on the system is not sufficient for us to be able to pay you for the event.

We aim to make payment to you within 14 days of the event. To enable us to do this, we require your payment form to be received by the event manager within 4 working days of the event. If you submit your form after this deadline, your payment will be included on the next available payment run which may be more than 14 days after the event.

If we find an error with your payment form or bank details we will query this with you, and your payment status will be updated to reflect this. Your payment will go on-hold until we hear back from you.

If you check your payment status and it shows as ‘Unknown’ the most likely reason is that your payment form has not been received/processed or might have been mislaid. Please allow a couple of working days after the event for this to be updated by the event manager, otherwise you may need to re-submit your payment form.