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Registration Statuses – What do they mean?

Register Interest – You can register your interest in attending this event. We’ll then contact you by email to confirm whether we can offer you a position within 30 days of the event. This is normally where we are finalising event details/staff requirements or where specific qualifications may be required.

Registration Open – You can freely register to attend this event and select which team you wish to join. If you register, please assume you have a place on the team and we are expecting you to attend. Please note that specific qualifications may be required for certain teams so contact us before registering if you are unsure which team to register for.

Limited Registration – We are only recruiting for certain teams. It may be that one or more teams are already fully subscribed. This status will be accompanied by text outlining the teams we are still recruiting for.

Registration Closed – We are no longer recruiting for this event. You should only complete the registration if you have specifically been asked to do so. If you register when an event has already closed you’ll automatically be placed on Stand-By/Reserve and we’ll only be able to offer you a place if one becomes available.

Stand-By/Reserve – If an event is oversubscribed we will place any additional registrations on Stand-By/Reserve which means you’ll be notified and offered a place on the team if one becomes available.

De-registered (Pending) – You have requested to de-register from this event, and we have not yet processed your request.