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Employment Status

When working for Swim Safety you are considered a ‘freelancer’ from a legal perspective. This means you must take responsibility for any tax or national insurance contributions that may be due to HMRC.

We ask that you submit an invoice to us after each event you have worked. We provide a template for you to use but this is optional (you are welcome to submit your invoice in any format).

As far as practically possible we try to ensure you are operating in safe conditions that comply with all relevant employment regulations and that your working day allows for suitable and adequate rest breaks.

As you are classed as a freelancer (self-employed) rather than a Swim Safety employee, we do not deduct tax and NI contributions from any pay due to you at source. You will need to make any arrangements to declare the earnings to HMRC and make any necessary tax or NI payments due.

You may be entitled to make use of the Trading Income allowance, more information can be found here.