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Food, Travel & Accommodation


For the vast majority of events we cannot provide accommodation – this is one of the reasons we try to recruit locally as far as possible.

However, more and more events are now offering camping facilities to participants, therefore, if you would like to attend a particular event and need help with accommodation, please do let us know and we’ll happily see if we can include you in any existing arrangements the event organiser has, but there are no guarantees with this.

Details of the specific accommodation/camping arrangements are available for you to see prior to registering via the More Details drop-down on the registration screen.

Travel expenses

Generally we do not cover travel expenses/mileage for events. We recommend you only register for events that you’re happy to travel to. Please be mindful when signing up to events that are a long way from where you live.

In order to help with travel costs, there is a lift sharing facility available on the registration system. Once activated you will be able to see other people also using this feature at the events you have signed up for. This should help you share lifts with those coming from a similar area.

If an event is covering travel expenses this will be detailed within the event registration system under the ‘More details’ drop-down button.

Food and Meals

At most events you will be provided with a packed breakfast and/or lunch. Exactly what will be provided will be confirmed within the event final details.

If you have a specific dietary requirement, it’s important that we’re aware of it. Make sure these are up to date on your profile. 

Event packed lunches don’t tend to be the most exciting meals in the world – therefore, we do recommend you also bring some snacks with you to top this up and  to keep you going throughout the event.

Tea & coffee is usually available, but not always – so if you can’t survive a day without a cuppa, we’d advise you to bring a flask with you!