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How do I register to work for Swim Safety?

Our online staff registration system handles all event sign ups and is where you’ll be able to access all relevant information. If you haven’t already created an account, you can do so here:

Our staff registration system enables you to view and register for the events we are currently recruiting for and acts as a hub of information.

You will need the following information to create an account:


  • Your personal details (Name, DoB, etc).
  • Your postcode (we try our best to recruit locally where possible and some events pay mileage).
  • Any dietary information (most events provide a packed breakfast/lunch, so it helps with planning if we know we need to request any special meals).
  • Your bank details (so we can pay you promptly).
  • Any relevant qualifications/certificates (so we can check you’re suitable qualified for the roles you’re signing up for).

Our provisional event calendar is generally published in Decemeber for the following year. 
Event registration itself opens in spring, a few months ahead of the first event of the season.