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Kayak Team Leader Briefing

Our Kayak team leaders play a very important role in helping with the fluidity of our greater operational roles during events. They are the first point of contact for many of the general questions / queries a safety Kayaker may have. The Team Leaders will be experienced / knowledgeable people that will manage their individual teams amongst a bigger team of Water Safety Personnel.

At the start of any event, you will receive a general mass briefing from the water Safety manager, talking you through the schedule for the day. The Water Safety manager will allocate you into your smaller teams where your designated team leader will go into a more in depth briefing surrounding your logistics for the day such as key timings, Emergency procedures and Welfare.

Below is the crib sheet we provide to each Team leader before an event covering all the topics we expect them to go through with you to ensure you have all the information you need for the event.

Kayak Team Leader Briefing Crib Sheet