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Rescue boat crew induction and guidance

Recsue boat crew induction

In order to work for us in a rescue boat for the current season, whether that be as a driver or crewmate, you must complete our internal rescue boat induction. These are predominantly run at our pre-season training days, but if you are unable to attend these, we are sometimes able to run additional sessions throughout the season should the demand and resource permit this.

You must complete an induction every season you wish to fulfil this role to prove your competency, not only being in a boat, but also performing safe and effective rescues.

The inductions are a great way to get used to being back in a boat again after a Winter away and to get used to the handling of our boats again. You’ll be put through a series of scenarios ranging from conscious casualty extractions and unconscious casualty extractions.

Rescue boat crew guidance

For our rescue boat crew guidance, please click here.