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Hotel Accommodation

For some events, hotel accommodation is either made available to us by the organiser, or arranged directly by us as we have identified that we need to bring a team in from further afield.

Please note that at no event do we have the ability to accommodate the WHOLE team in a hotel, and so we have to be mindful when recruiting teams of hotel beds that are available.

To help us with the planning & resourcing process, it’s useful for us to know your accommodation preferences/requirements for any event(s) you are registering for where accommodation might be available.

Before confirming your accommodation requirements, please note the following:

  • Accommodation is not ordinarily offered/provided if you live within 60 mins drive of the venue (hotels are often 30-40mins drive away in any case)
  • You’re likely to be sharing a twin room with another team member (same sex)
  • Where offered/available accommodation is paid for by Swim Safety – you do not have to pay for this personally
  • Selecting that you NEED accommodation may mean we cannot offer you a place on the team, especially where beds are limited (which is often the case) or others are closer, and so don’t require accommodation
  • If you select you’d LIKE accommodation, we’ll get in touch to discuss this with you, and try to accommodate your preference as best as we can.
  • If we can’t offer you a bed, we will endevour to let you know as soon as possible.
  • Camping is available at a number of venues – if you are happy to camp, please select this option.

If you are in any doubt, please select that you do NOT require accommodation and get in touch with us directly to discuss. We’ll be able to advise on what the best solution might be.