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Lift Sharing Info

If you would like to be able to co-ordinate possible lift-shares with other staff that are working at the same event as you, you can do so by turning your lift sharing option ON here.

Please note – this will be turned on for ALL events you have registered for (regardless of current registration status) and will make your details available to others that have also turned on their lift sharing option.

If there are other staff members that have opted in for lift sharing at the same event as you, this icon Lift Sharing Details will appear next to the event name within the ‘My Events’ area. You can then click through to see if anyone else is close to you and make contact with them directly to make arrangements.

Your name, email address and registration status (per event) will be shared by default.

 By turning on your lift sharing settings, you are agreeing for the information detailed above to be shared with other staff members that have registered for the same event(s). You can opt-out of the lift sharing scheme at any time by clicking here.