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Registering for multiple events on the same weekend

If you have seen this alert it means you are trying to, or already have, registered for more than one event on the same weekend. This does NOT PREVENT you from proceeding with your registration – it is just a warning.

The warning message is not anything to be concerned about and is very common, but the alert is designed to make you aware of this fact if you weren’t already.

There may be a number of reasons why you are seeing this alert:

  • You have registered for two 1 day events on the same weekend (e.g. one on Saturday & one on Sunday)
  • You may only be registering your interest at this stage – and we’ll be able to see that you have registered for multiple events
  • You may be happy to work at either of the events you’ve registered for, but already realise you can’t work at both
  • You may have de-registered or withdrawn from an event on the same weekend already, and it’s not yet been processed on the system

If any of the above apply, you can ignore this warning, and any subsequent messages for the same weekend.

If however you are unsure as to why you are receiving this message, please check your ‘My Events’ area to check that you haven’t already registered for an event on the same weekend by mistake. You may need to de-register from the existing event if this is the case.

If you have any further queries, you can email us at and we’ll be able to look into this for you.

Event Swap Setting
We know for many of you, you’re quite happy to swap between events on a weekend that you’ve already registered for something on. The event swap setting, once turned on, let’s us know this is the case across all your event registrations. You can find this from within the system (My Account > Preferences).

This doesn’t mean we’ll automatically swap you between events, but does mean if we are looking for people to swap on a given weekend, we’ll contact you first to see if it’s something you’re happy to do.

There’s no obligation to do so.

It does then save you from registering from multiple events on the same weekend. What we’d then say is to register for your preferred event in the first instance.