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Rescue Boat Team Training – Refresher

As you’ll be aware, we require all rescue boat crews (driver & crew) to complete our in-house top-up training annually, when working within the rescue boat team at open water swimming & triathlon events.

It may be that you’re booked to complete this with us at one of our training days already, or have made an arrangement to refresh prior to an event you’re due to be working at.

We do require that it’s completed annually, but as you’ve done it before, it should hopefully just serve as a good skills refresher.

If you’re seeing this message, and don’t think you should be (because you’ve already completed the training for this season, or fall into one of the exemption criteria below) please let us know, and we can take a look into this for you. Drop us an email to

Training Opportunities

Our training page contains details of our pre-season training events, where we try and deliver these sessions at the beginning of the season to as many staff as possible.

Alternatively, there may be a small number of cases where refreshers can be arranged to be completed prior to the start of an event. This is not our preference, as it can be time consuming on the morning of an event but understand that in some circumstances may be necessary. This has to be organised in advance with the event manager.


  • If you hold a valid SLSGB IRB Helm or Crew award, as this course already covers the elements our training does, however, you’ll be required to complete an on-site evac drill prior to the start of the event
  • It’s not an open water swimming or triathlon event you’ve registered for – We don’t require the boat crew induction to be completed for other events, such as rowing & canoeing events
  • You’ve been asked to fulfil a non-safety related role – e.g. media boat driver
  • You own your own boat, and we are hiring it from you (with you driving) for the event, and a medical evacuation drill, on-site is scheduled/organised with the event manager

Why do you insist on this training?

We feel it’s really important. No other rescue boat qualification specifically covers the skills and techniques required to extract a casualty, potentially unconscious, from the water, perform BLS within the boat and hand-over to a land-based team.

It’s quite a unique set of techniques, and whilst not difficult, do take some time to practice and get right. We also use it as an opportunity to assess driver competency, at speed, in our rescue boats, which are often different to the boats people may be used to, or been trained in. We don’t wish to put anyone into a situation they are unfamiliar or untrained for.

Many of our staff have completed this for several years, and still find it a beneficial annual refresher.

If you have any further questions about the rescue boat crew training please feel free to drop us an email to