Obstacle Documentation & Risk Assessments

Not the most exciting part of organising an OCR event but certainly an important one - this is where we can help.

Obstacle operating documentation and risk assessments are key to the smooth running of any OCR event – not only to help with the dissemination of information to the team out on the course but also to prove you, as the organsiers, have undergone the relevant due diligence and risk assessment on the obstacle you’re planning to put into your course and your participants through.

Whilst this is required for every obstacle on course, there’s additional areas of risk when the obstacle involves water. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to writing operating documentation and supporting risk assessments for water obstacles at obstacle races and mud runs.

We specialise in being able to provide easy to follow obstacle operation plans that also ensure key and highlighted risked are identified, controlled and managed throughout the event. These plans can then either form part of an overall event management/safety plan or serve as stand-alone documents just for the water obstacles.

We often also review existing documentation and make recommendation on areas for improvement or enhancement. As water specialists our documents also take into account water conditions – which can be changeable and unpredictable.

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