Blue Green Algae Testing Services

Affordable and efficient blue green algae testing and analysis services throughout the UK

As part of our water quality testing services, we also offer blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) sampling and testing services to a wide range of event organisers, venue operators and authorities with the ability to cater for both one-off sampling and scheduled sampling programmes.

Blue green algae is the common name for Cyanobacteria, which can create health risks when present in dense scums or blooms when humans or animals come into contact with it.

Laboratory analysis of algae samples helps identify the number of algae cells per millilitre of water, and determine if algae that is present is at unsafe levels.

As part of our service, we provide the raw result data but also align the results to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for blue-green algae to make them easily interpretable and understandable.

We offer algae testing services to sporting event, water sport venue operators, activity providers, local authorities and fire services.

Blue Green Algae Sampling Service

We have a standard blue green algae testing package which includes the following:

  • Sample bottle delivery (to you)
  • Full sampling instructions & supporting paperwork
  • Courier collection of samples once taken and delivery direct to our laboratory
  • Blue-Green Algae analysis certificate comparing results against the World Heath Organisation guidelines for blue-green algae.

The package outlined above is based on you obtaining the samples yourself from the water body. However, if this is not feasible we are able to offer a service whereby we collect the samples from the water on your behalf.


Samples are transported to our lab where analysis can begin and results obtained. This can take between 24-72hrs depending on when you submit your samples. Result certificates are then produced and emailed to you with clear & concise results. A faster turn-around can be provided, when required, by prior arrangement.

Sampling Programmes

Typically, venues being used on a regular basis will require a more regular and structured testing programme to be put in place. Please get in touch for further details on how we can assist with this.

We offer a comprehensive blue-green algae sampling service providing robust, reliable and meaningful results to event organisers and venue operators

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