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Swim Safety is the UK’s leading event water safety provider providing water safety teams to some of the countries largest and most prestigious events.

We’re always keen to hear from people wishing to join our team – so if you’re enthusiastic, have a relevant qualification (details below), and would like to get involved, you’ve come to the right place.

Click below to find details of our current opportunities or you can find further information about working for us below.

If Swim Safety are running an event, I have no worries about being involved and know I will be part of a well thought out safety team. Always a pleasure. Colin Muse

I have had a great time working with Swim Safety for my my first season in 2015 – roll on 2016 (hopefully you will have me back) Jon Forsyth

Working for Swim Safety

Joining our team is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity. We’re looking for bright, motivated & most of all reliable people to work with us at our events. Due to the nature of the roles we’re recruiting for you will be required to hold a relevant qualification (or experience) to work with us, but this varies by event and team. It’s also worth being aware that the vast majority of events take place outdoors in the (great) British weather, so you’ll need to be prepared to grin & bear whatever it decides to throw at us on any given weekend.

Why work for Swim Safety?

  • Opportunity to work at some of the UK’s largest mass participation sports events
  • Work alongside a great team of like minded individuals
  • Get out and about – working in (great!) British weather
  • Access to some great deals & discounts with many UK kit retailers
  • Perform a role that makes a real difference to the participants we support and supervise

Some of our clients

How do I register for events?

We have an online registration system that manages all of our staff recruitment. Full details of the events we’re currently recruiting for can be found on our recruitment page here.

For each event you would like to work at you simply need to go through and register – you’ll be asked to select which team you’d be interested in joining for the event. For many of the teams you’ll need to hold a relevant qualification but further details about that can be found within the registration system.

Our staff registration system enables you to add details of your experience and qualifications and enables you to upload copies of your certificates for us (so we don’t have to ask you for these separately) as well your bank details (for payments to be made into) and your post code; so we know where you’re based enabling us to notify you of any other events that might crop up.

Once you’ve registered for an event within the online registration system we’ll keep you posted with details as and when they become available.


To work with Swim Safety you will be required to hold a suitable qualification, or have relevant experience, for the role team you are looking to join. Whilst we do provide some in-house training, Swim Safety is NOT generally a training organisation and so you will only be able to work for us once you hold the relevant qualification(s). Details on what qualifications we’re generally looking for can be found here.

Travel & Accommodation

As a general principle travel expenses are not covered and accommodation is not provided. We ask you to be realistic when selecting which events you’d like to work with us at and whether the cost of travelling there is feasible. One way around this is where groups of people link up and travel together to keep costs down.

Accommodation is not generally provided at events, however, many events are now offering camping facilities to participants; which we may be able to piggy back onto. Therefore if you would like to attend a particular event and need help with accommodation do let us know and we’ll happily see if we can include you in any existing arrangements the event organiser has.

If an event is covering travel expenses or providing accommodation this will be detailed within the event registration system.


Got a question? Take a look at our FAQs page here.

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