Water Quality Testing

We offer a bespoke yet affordable water quality testing package for event organisers and venue operators

Swim Safety provides water quality testing and analysis services for a large number of open water swimming and triathlon events and venues in the UK.

One of the key challenges for event organisers & venue operators is that it can often be very difficult to organise one-off or irregular water sampling at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, many of the results that are returned consist only of raw data, with little or no interpretation.

As part of our service, we provide the raw data but also align the results to the EU bathing water directive standards and BTF/ITU regulations on a traffic light colour coded system to make them easily understandable.

We offer a complete water quality sampling and results package ideally suited for open water swimming and triathlon event organisers and venue operators.  


Sampling Services

We have a standard sampling package that many organisers use which includes the following:

  • Sample bottle delivery (to you)
  • Full sampling instructions & supporting paperwork
  • Courier collection of samples once taken and delivery direct to UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Traffic light coded analysis certificate comparing results against EU Bathing water & BTF/ITU standards

The package outlined above is based on you obtaining the samples yourself from the water body. However, if this is not feasible we are able to offer a service whereby we collect the samples from the water too.

Our standard package allows for 3 samples to be taken (i.e. 3 locations on your body of water), however, this can be increased if required.

What we sample for

Routinely, all samples are analysed for the following:

  • Total Coliforms
  • E. coli
  • Faecal Streptocci / Intestinal Enterococci

Additional parameters such as pH, blue-green algae & dissolved metals can also be tested for in addition to the above list.


Samples are transported to the lab and the incubation process begins. To get accurate results, samples are incubated which allows bacteria & organisms within the sample to ‘grow’. Once they have grown a count can be provided. This normally takes 48h-72hrs. Result certificates are then produced and emailed to you using our traffic-light colour coding system which provides you with clear & concise results.  

Accredited LabsILAC-UKAS-1024x583

All our samples are analysed in UKAS laboratories. This ensures samples are dealt with in accordance with best industry practice, reduces the risk of spoilt samples and means results supplied can be replied upon.  

Sampling Programmes

Typically, open water training venues will require a more regular and structured testing programme to be put in place. Please get in touch for further details on how we can assist with this.

Blue Green Algae Testing

We also provide specific blue green algae testing services, further details of whcih can be found here.

We offer a comprehensive water sampling package for event organisers and venue operators

When staging our first open water triathlon event last year we approached Swim Safety to undertake the necessary water sampling requirements. They guided us through the sampling process in a concise and efficient manner, organised the delivery of the sample bottles and collected them on schedule with lab results being returned in perfect time before the event. The whole sampling process at the outset looked a daunting prospect, but in the end was straight forward and managed by a very competent team at Swim Safety. We shall in the future, be engaging with Swim Safety for our events. Ashley Nicholson

Race Co-ordinator, Discovery Triathlon

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